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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Rio - Day 3

Day 3 was the day we made our way up to the Christ. We arrived early to avoid the line ups, this plan worked. The trip up Corcovado mtn. is about a 30 min. train ride up the path built by a Portugese king for his pleasure, before his son developed it for public enjoyment. The train weaved its way through the tropical forest up the hill with great views of the city below. Once at the top the giant and impressive statue was well worth the trip to Brazil. At nearly 40 m tall, it is made completely of stone, no metal or wood supports to hold it together. The head was done by one artist, the hande by another. The design by a French engineer and the rest of the body and construction by Brazilian workers. It was completed in 1931.

The view was great.

We tried to make our way back to the hotel by catching the same bus we took to get to Corcovado, by it did not go back to the hotel, so we were lost. But it was a great tour of the city, we got to see the Botanical gardens, the Hippodrome, a mall, and more of the general hustle and bustle of Rio.

We easily found our way back to the hotel were we found internet (and made my first 2 trip posts, wrote home, and ignored some work email).

Then off to Copacabana beach again were we milled about until finally getting to the party streets in search of good Samba. We found what we were looking for, some learned to dance while others were grumpy and refused to learn to dance.....


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