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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Balti-More More More!

Two weeks ago we visited Baltimore, home of the Orioles and "The Wire".

Our visit was spent at the waterfront. Here we went on tours of the Baltimore Maritime Museum.

<---- a Coast Guard ship 'Taney' that took part in Pearl Harbour,

<---- 'Torsk' the submarine with the mouth painted on the bow,

<---- and beds on torpedoes. And there was a lighthouse that had been removed from sea and brought to Baltimore.

And a little boat called the 'Chesapeake' that must have had some local significance, but the tour was starting to get boring at this point.

Another boat. a little taller and a little older.

We will have to make a special trip to see the National Aquarium another time.

From this bay in downtown Baltimore we took a water taxi to further out in the bay were there was another district with restaurants and shops that was also very nice. It was a nice relaxing place to visit, and at barely an hour from our place it is worth returning too when we want to get away from Dubya.


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