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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Labour day long weekend

It was the long weekend and
our first chance to go out
and find a way to explore
and enjoy our new
surroundings. It went a bit
like this....

We left DC for Annapolis Saturday morning, a 1 hour drive. Supposed to be a cute town. And the main street and pier were, but it was a small portion of the city. Annapolis was temporarily the capital of the country and is still the home of the county's Naval Academy. We walked around the school grounds a bit. I thought this submarine statue is pretty cool.

We found our way to a park in town. It was very large and had a bit of everything a city park can offer... and more. There were kayak rentals which we used to explore a bit of the Severn River. Once we where done there we headed over to the amphitheater where the Annapolis Symphony Orchestra put on a free show. Then it was time to see Bourne Ultimatum. Awesome.

The following morning we began driving to Ocean City, a city on the ocean (webcam), a further 2 hour drive. We could not help ourselves and stopped at an outlet mall on the way there. The traffic into Ocean city was like traffic around DC. It was bumper to bumper within 4 km of the city, all the way to the beach. We parked about 2kms before the beach at a deserted parking lot, and walked onwards. I doubt we arrived much later than those in the cars that kept driving. I am not sure where all those cars where going though...... we did not see much parking at the beach.

The beach at Ocean City was an over the top sideshow. It was 93 blocks long (at least that is as far as the map went) and just went up the coast into Delaware. It was a very nice day but after walking 4 kms up the boardwalk, we decided to turn back and move on.

We decided to head south a bit and see if we could find a place to stay out another night. We had thrown the camping gear in the trunk just in case. So when we showed up at Assateague Island, a mere 20min. south of Ocean City, we were prepared for the one camping spot left, waiting just for us.

The Island is a state and national park (national park service, state park service), famous for its wild ponies. The ponies are left alone for almost the entire year, except one day at the end of July they are rounded up, forced to swim across the short distance to mainland and some of the young horses are sold. Population control.

Here you can see a couple getting into the car at our camping spot. See how nicely they lined up? They had done this before.

The mosquitoes were crazy, but not Winnipeg crazy.

The surfing seemed to be OK out here. The waves seemed to be big enough for the surfers to get up and there was hardly any wind. The beach on the island park was much nicer than up at Ocean city. The whole area was comparable to Grand Beach.... with the dune, low shrubbery, camping, mosquitoes, friendly park staff......


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