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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Last weekend of July visitors

Last weekend we had a couple more visitors from Toronto. They drove down Friday and returned Monday giving them 3 nights and 2 days in DC. We started with an evening in Alexandria for dinner. Saturday we did the DC thing - brunch at Dupont Circle (location) then to the Mall. We walked the mall, or at least tried too, it was so damn hot. We stopped in at the Modern Art museum of the National Gallery of Art to view some modern art, have lunch, and cool our core temperatures. We did not continue into the West building of the National Gallery that contains the older works.

We spent the evening recovering from the heat on a boat ride up the Potomac from Alexandria to Georgetown and back. There was historical narration on this trip but it was far too muffled to hear anything the speaker said. (photo: Georgetown docks)

We made our first trip to the Arlington National Cemetery, saw the famous grave sites like the JFK family and the unknown soldier.

Finally we ended the weekend at a football game between the DC United and Club America (wiki). Some Mexicans at work asked me to join them and we all thought this was a great idea for an evening of fun. Some of the fans had much more fun than we did..... I found it particularly entertaining when they were throwing their Bud Lights at the police arresting a rowdy fan. Thats the best use of a Bud Light I have ever seen. They had every right to be rowdy, the Mexican team played like crap.


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