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Friday, July 20, 2007

Bread death

Since moving into our new apartment I have had trouble getting a loaf of bread to work. I know, this is huge. How do I survive? Well, I have been eating deflated/unleavened loaves of bread. Yes, that is inhumane. I tried everything to fix this. It wasn't until I tried doubling the recommended gluten that things began to turn in my favour. But this did not solve why my bread stopped coming out the way it had only months before. So I replaced the tap water with bottled water. VoilĂ ! Finally good bread again. It was the tap water all along.

Turns out greater DC area tap water kills bread. Also realized that the temperature of the water out of the cold water tap is 29.8C. Not refreshing. Now to get a sample and bring it into work and see what other nasty things are hiding behind that heat.

Now to find good water without buying wasteful bottled water.....


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