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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Saturday sightseeing

Last Saturday, with some Baltimore visitors, we went and saw (up close):

The Washington monument. Built in 2 stages, briefly interrupted by a civil war/revolution.

The reflecting pool.

Around here were monuments to some of the wars the states has been involved in in recent years, such as the Korean War (a sobering display of men in battle), Vietnam War, and a brand new monument to WW2.

The Lincoln Memorial, at the other end of the reflection pool from the Washington Monument. Nice simple building with a big guy sitting inside. On the left wall is the Gettysburg Address ("Four score and seven years ago,..."), and on the right wall is Lincoln's second inaugural address ("Fellow Countrymen: At this second appearing...").

The White House. Much smaller than I expected. (I put my arms in the fence for this photo.. ooooh). Family lives on the left, oval office in the middle, stuff on the right. It has five chefs, a tennis court, a bowling lane, a movie theater, a jogging track, a swimming pool (currently a press room), and a putting green. The Navy runs the food/dining operations (so the kitchen is called the galley), air force runs the helicopter, i can't remember what the other military branches run, but they all have a role in the house.


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