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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Washington Monument

I have been riding around Arlington (via the Red Route) every second day lately. Most days have been around 20C (except the weekend Bruce was here, that was a cold weekend). Yesterday it was extra hot (27C) so I stopped a few times along my ride and took some pictures.

Here are some rowers. Go Hoyas?

Here is the Washington Monument (aerial). It is 169m tall, and 3 years after its completion, was surpassed as the world's tallest structure by the Eiffel tower, 155m taller. The dome just to the left of the monument is the Jefferson Memorial (aerial). And the river is the Potomac.

I have not been to see any of the landmarks in town yet, though you can get quite close to the Washington Monument by driving by it. I haven't even seen the White house yet because the area is completely closed to car traffic for security reasons. You actually have to get out and walk to that building. While I have not seen the building yet, I know someone that has had a specil tour of its insides. You know who you are!

The trail passes by the airport, and gets really close to the end of the runway. Its busy, you can see an airplane landing behind this one taking off.


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