A year in Brussels here.

Monday, March 05, 2007

1 step backwards

I have to back up a step here and give some background. A few weeks ago we decided to move to Washington DC. When showing our apartment, the first person to view it happened to have a place in Washington that she was subletting for a few months. So we essentially switched apartments. She bought a lot of our furniture and she left her furniture for us to use. Now we have a little time to find a place and acquire more furniture.

This past weekend we both drove down in our cars loaded with our stuff.... we came here to live, she came here to pick up her stuff and drive back to Ottawa at the end of the weekend. Though we had to leave some stuff behind in Ottawa we got most of our stuff here. We will just have to return to Ottawa, maybe around Easter, to get those last couple boxes. Mostly winter and apartment decorating stuff anyway.

We have been made to feel very welcome here.


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