A year in Brussels here.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

1-way road trip

We packed and hit the road. Destination Washington... D.C. Time to update the side bar links.

We spent a night in Syracuse. We arrived there just as the freezing rain was begining. The following morning it was raining heavily, clearing away any ice that accumulated the night before. By Pennsylvania the weather was nice and it was smooth sailing the rest most of the way.

At least in Brussels numbers meant the same thing everywhere you went. No conversions necessary. Once we got to the border we have had to convert every number we see for it to mean something against the metric and Canadian money systems. All we need to know is 70F is comfortable, and gas is just cheaper.

USD $/gal to CAD $/L (and vice versa - change dollar values for current price exchanges)
C to F (and vice versa)
km to miles ( and vice versa)
km/hr to miles/hr


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