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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Baltimore and Bodies World

Went to Baltimore to see Body Worlds 2 today. Some guy found a way to 'plastinate' bodies, and has made a traveling show with a whole bunch of human bodies in various poses with various amounts of tissue removed. So there are skinned people, muscles only people, bones and ligaments people, blood vessels only people, nervous system only people......

I.E.: http://www.thetech.org/bodyworld/images/soccer_player_pic.jpg

Besides the guy with 6 fingers and toes, they stayed away from being a freak show. But they did show how some diseases and ailments (i.e.: arthritis), obesity and smoking manifested themselves in the body plus the stages of pregnancy.

My favorite parts were the blood vessels displays, and the heart with an artificial valve (the artificial knees, bone pins, and hip replacements were neat too).


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