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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Leesburg Bakers Dozen

Almost 2 weeks ago I did the Leesburg Bakers Dozen, Saturday, 11am to midnight. It was on a cattle farm, so we watched out for cow pies. It was fun and fast with a lot of log piles to roll over. Check out the action shot! (Its been a while since I have done any serious riding, so excuse the technique).
(image from https://www.smugmug.com)

The camp site was unlike one I had seen before. With crazy double decker tent trailers and most camp sites having SUVs and generators. Cars were left running so people could hear their car stereos.... Anyway, it was fun and may lead to another race at the beginning of June in West Virginia (mid-way between here and Bev's parents).
(image from http://www.pbase.com)


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