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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I received a breadmaker for my birthday a few weeks ago. So far I have made lots of whole wheat bread, plus cinnamon raisin bread, banana bread, pizza dough, and baguette dough. Next I plan to make pumpernickel, gingerbread cookie dough, oat bread, rye bread, jam, improve the banana bread, and try to come up with something else to prepare in it. I think I may try to make a casserole in there one day - just drop everything in and let it do the mixing and baking..... perfect!

Waking up to fresh bread is the best. Though it is quite a strong smell, it helps get me out of bed. Also, a couple times my whole wheat bread has collapsed. I think I have solved that issue - make sweet breads! Also, the bread does not last long before drying out because of the freshness and simple/basic recipes. We have found the best way to extend the life of the bread is to wrap the loaf in a tea towel once it comes out of the machine.

Another favorite feature is the lack of preservatives in the loafs we pull out of the machine, since we put none in the machine in the first place. Our favorite preservative that we now get to avoid is Calcium Propionate. It is used as an anti fungal in the preparation process. By adding this to the ingredients the baker (and other food preparers) do not have to properly clean the cooking utensils thus preventing bacteria and fungus from growing on their machines. We have been thinking of using this on ourselves so we don't have to bathe as much.


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