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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

The first weekend in October we attended a wedding in Portsmouth, New Hampshire for our friends from Belgium. The wedding ceremony was Friday afternoon, followed by dinner. During the day as the wedding was approaching the sky looked like it was going to open up and pour on us. But after a few sprinkles from about 3:00 to 3:55, the sun came out at 4:00 - just in time for the wedding. It was a cool but nice weekend. Fall had not taken hold of the area as all the trees were still green.

The following day, Saturday, was spent at our leisure. I went for a long run in the morning and saw much of the cute downtown. Then we gathered for an afternoon in town before heading back to the bride's father's house where we were gathered onto a trolley and taken to the pier where we started a boat trip around the area. I was able to take some great photos during this trip.

After the boat trip we returned by trolley to the bride's father's house for the evening reception - a Lobster Bake. There was plenty of food and drink and a surprise a Capella show by Overboard. They were a very entertaining group.

Sunday we headed back to Boston and spent the day checking out a few sites, such as :
City hall and the market, Beacon hill, Christian Science center, Cambridge and MIT, and other places I can't remember the name of. And a good pizza joint called: the Upper Crust.

This was by MIT, I am guessing the architecture faculty?

Nice place, but boy do they overdo it with the baseball.


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